Be More Grateful for the Good Stuff

by Katrina Regan
My greatest influence has been a close family member who fell ill at 16 with 2 mysterious, painful, and chronic diseases.  As her caretaker for the 10+ years,  I've been privileged to watch her battle constant, debilitating pain plus a host of neurological symptoms, with grace and patience.  From her daily example, I'm still learning to keep moving forward--no matter what. My advice to others that are caring for the ill: Let that ill person inspire you to be more … Continue reading "Be More Grateful for the Good Stuff"

Let Kindness Drive Your Success

by Jill Totenberg
My greatest influence were both of my parents (now deceased).  Each of them showed me how important it is to be passionate about what you do -- and do it with excellence, as well as with kindness. My advice to others: See the person who influences you completely.  My parents had heart, soul, and drive. Plus, they were kind -- and that, more than anything else, drove their success.

Every Bit Matters

by Carolyn Monaco
My greatest influence is my husband of 29 years. By example, he has taught so many of us the critical importance of laughter, forgiveness, curiosity, strength, kindness, generosity, and deep and abiding love.  I've also learned that these things take many forms over a lifetime.  He's quite remarkable. My advice to others: Seek out people who exhibit these behaviors.  Let them change you.  Then start to change others.  Altogether, you'll help the world improve just a little bit (and every bit … Continue reading "Every Bit Matters"