Learn to Listen to Another Person’s Story

by Jamie Redgrave

My greatest experience wasn’t a person, but an experience. More specifically, chaplaincy training.

I was a burned out doctor in a busy practice, no longer finding joy in my work. I received an email suggesting I apply for CPE (clinical pastoral education) training. I had no idea what this was but I took some time off to do it. CPE involves exploring what gives you meaning in your life; in turn, it helps you learn how to talk with patients about the same in their life.

If this speaks to you, here’s my advice:

Learning how to listen to another person’s story, to hear what makes life worth living for them, to honor that story, their journey – there is nothing more precious. Being able to hear this while still being a doctor has saved my life and allowed me to keep working. By getting back the joy, I’m more successful, perhaps not necessarily in terms of career advancement, but in life.

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