CDC diplomat

Honesty and Authenticity

by Lisa Fitzpatrick
As a diplomat sitting in a board room parroting US policy I didn’t believe, an international partner said, “You Americans endorse policies even you have yet to embrace". Stunned by my hypocrisy and violation of two personal values - honesty and authenticity - that day was the beginning of the end of my career at CDC. Leaving meant walking away from a pension but the risk has been greatly rewarded. The best advice I could give someone would be to … Continue reading "Honesty and Authenticity"

international public speaker, author, and diversity consultant, in both English & Arabic

Turning Anger Into Passion

by Sahar El-Nadi
When I was 7 years old, I moved to another country. At school, I was mocked for my poor English as my previous schooling was in French. I was so angry that I decided to be better at English than the girls who mocked me. Today, I'm an international public speaker, author, and diversity consultant, in both English & Arabic! This experience is how I started turning anger into passion. Anger is a powerful emotion. It can be limiting and … Continue reading "Turning Anger Into Passion"

Learn To Be a Storyteller

by Larry Gulko
My greatest influence has been the opportunity to make a genuine difference through my professional experience. I truly enjoy public speaking, hosting my tv show and lecturing on building brands as it gives me enormous pleasure to educate others and share ideas to enrich their lives both professionally and personally.  My advice is to share your unending passion and commitment to enhance others in as many ways and opportunities that come your way. Share your insight, ideas, vision, perspective...enjoy being … Continue reading "Learn To Be a Storyteller"

Learn to Listen to Another Person’s Story

by Jamie Redgrave
My greatest experience wasn't a person, but an experience. More specifically, chaplaincy training. I was a burned out doctor in a busy practice, no longer finding joy in my work. I received an email suggesting I apply for CPE (clinical pastoral education) training. I had no idea what this was but I took some time off to do it. CPE involves exploring what gives you meaning in your life; in turn, it helps you learn how to talk with patients … Continue reading "Learn to Listen to Another Person’s Story"

Your Life is Up To You

by Alden Mills
My mom is my greatest influence. The day I was diagnosed with asthma and told by the doctor to lead a less active life and learn to play chess, Mom didn't let the doctor finish his diagnosis. She made me wait outside his office then she told me, "No one decides what you can or cannot do. Your life is up to you."  I didn't recognize her as life-changing at first. If you have a similar influence in your life, here's … Continue reading "Your Life is Up To You"