Life Is Our Greatest Teacher

by Bernie Swain
Dream Big, Work Hard, and Never Give Up. Great inspiration, but it is not enough to help us succeed in life. There is one lesson, more important than all others, that I have learned representing great leaders and achievers of all kinds. Life is our greatest teacher. Every day, life presents us with learning opportunities, decisions or forks in the road where we can take one path or another. They appear as the people who uniquely come into our lives, … Continue reading "Life Is Our Greatest Teacher"

press secretary

Mike McCurry – Finding Religion and Humor

by Bernie Swain
Mike McCurry was Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary, at a time when that position was much different. Here he details how humor is a unifying force and finding religion helps him fight for the common good. My family has always had a deep commitment to politics and public service. We talked about the issues of the day around the dinner table. I never saw the government as the enemy; I saw it as an ally. There was no cynicism in our … Continue reading "Mike McCurry – Finding Religion and Humor"

what made me who I am

The Most Powerful Lessons In Life

by Bernie Swain
We receive and absorb good advice and lessons about life and success from countless resources: business executives, thought leaders, and achievers of all kinds. These lessons go a long way to supplying us with the experience and knowledge of others that we can use in our own lives.  A general sampling of those lessons includes (1) lead by example, (2) focus on what is important, (3) be positive, (4) accept failure and adversity as part of learning, and (5) embrace … Continue reading "The Most Powerful Lessons In Life"

Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Melody Barnes – A Life That Was Well Lived

by Bernie Swain
As a lawyer and political advisor, Melody Barnes served as an aide and chief counsel to Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy. She also worked on the 2008 Obama campaign and was appointed the Director of Domestic Policy Council. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia. My family was middle-class, and I had a happy childhood. But growing up African-American in the South I was always aware of those who came before me and paved the way. I think about my parents and … Continue reading "Melody Barnes – A Life That Was Well Lived"

presidents day

President’s Day — a Day to Celebrate

by Bernie Swain
It may not seem like it now, but President's Day is still a Day to celebrate. President's Day is an American holiday celebrated on the third Monday of every February. Prior to 1971, it was called Washington's Birthday in honor of our first president, George Washington, born February 22, 1732. Today, President's Day celebrates the accomplishments of all presidents. For many, President's Day doesn't seem the same as it has in past years. But, it is still a day for reflection and learning. … Continue reading "President’s Day — a Day to Celebrate"