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Bonnie St.John – If I Can Do this, I Can Do Anything.

by Bernie Swain
The sports world is liberally represented on the lecture circuit. Competition in sports creates clear winners and losers. And the world loves winners. But sometimes, the competition in sports is intertwined with a greater competition in life. When that happens, you get lessons that are far deeper than those learned from winning or losing a game or contest. That is what we found in amputee, silver medal-winning Olympic skier, and Rhodes Scholar Bonnie St. John. Here’s what she’s lived and … Continue reading "Bonnie St.John – If I Can Do this, I Can Do Anything."


Dot Richardson – Girls Can’t Play Ball

by Bernie Swain
I knew as a young child that God had given me the gift of athletic ability. Whether I was throwing a ball, racing around on my bike, or climbing a tree, I felt completely alive, filled with a spirit that was larger than myself. In school, girls weren’t allowed to try out for the teams, but I played pickup games of baseball, basketball, and kickball after school. Sports just came naturally to me, and I felt the Lord’s pleasure when … Continue reading "Dot Richardson – Girls Can’t Play Ball"

Laurie Skreslet

John Amatt – Climbing Everest

by Bernie Swain
For over 30 years, John Amatt has led expeditions to remote regions of Northern Norway, Peru, Nepal, China, Greenland and has explored areas of the Arctic on six occasions, making many first ascents of previously unclimbed peaks. Climbing Everest soon became the ultimate goal, and John pulled together a Canadian team that would obtain achieve just that.   I grew up in England. My father was a bank executive, and my mother was a full-time homemaker. They were both conservative … Continue reading "John Amatt – Climbing Everest"

basketball coach killed

Aaron Thomas – The Life and Death of My Dad

by Bernie Swain
Aaron Thomas is the head basketball coach and athletic director at Aplington-Parkersburg High School in Iowa. In 2010, Aaron was awarded the Missouri Valley Conference Most Courageous Award, and he and his family were given the Espy’s Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Sunday, May 25, 2008, began like most Sundays do in Parkersburg, Iowa - folks going to church, taking care of chores, and spending time with their families. My Dad, Ed Thomas, the football coach at Aplington-Parkersburg High School, … Continue reading "Aaron Thomas – The Life and Death of My Dad"