If You have Kids Going Back to School and College This Fall, Read and Share This.

by Bernie Swain
I worry about the examples our kids, even those in their twenties, are growing up with today. Maybe every generation of parents has said the same thing. I remember my parents saying something to me about my choice of music and the artists I listened to. But this now seems a lot different. Social media far dominates and influences everything beyond anything we could have expected even 10 years ago. Where are our kids learning values and learning good lessons … Continue reading "If You have Kids Going Back to School and College This Fall, Read and Share This."

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Leon Panetta – “Dodging Nuts and Greatest Influences”

by Bernie Swain
As an American statesman, Leon Panetta has served in various public service roles—Secretary of Defense, Director of the CIA and White House Chief of Staff to name a few. Here he explains how his Italian immigrant parents, and a few other factors, had an everlasting influence on his life. I’m the son of Italian immigrants who, like millions of others, made their way to the United States in the early 1930s. My parents, who came from Calabria, Italy. They spoke … Continue reading "Leon Panetta – “Dodging Nuts and Greatest Influences”"


Dot Richardson – Girls Can’t Play Ball

by Bernie Swain
I knew as a young child that God had given me the gift of athletic ability. Whether I was throwing a ball, racing around on my bike, or climbing a tree, I felt completely alive, filled with a spirit that was larger than myself. In school, girls weren’t allowed to try out for the teams, but I played pickup games of baseball, basketball, and kickball after school. Sports just came naturally to me, and I felt the Lord’s pleasure when … Continue reading "Dot Richardson – Girls Can’t Play Ball"

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Wharton Business School Interviews Bernie Swain

by Bernie Swain
I had the fortune of being interviewed by Wharton Business Radio recently. Host Mike Useem and I discuss my journey building the Washington Speakers Bureau with no experience and turned it into the largest and most respected speaker's agency in the world. I also delve into my book What Made Me Who I Am and the first-hand accounts and defining moments in the lives of 34 of the speakers from Terry Bradshaw to Colin Powell. Click Here to Listen on Soundcloud. 

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What You Find When You Start Cutting Corners In Life

by Bernie Swain
Two years after starting our company (in a stationary closet), we were having some success. Nothing earth shaking mind you, just enough success that I knew what it was like and wanted more. But success, especially when you have not experienced it before, often breeds temptation. “What corners could I cut?” I thought. “How could I make this happen faster?” All sorts of ideas went through my head. Around the same time, we were interested in representing football coach Lou … Continue reading "What You Find When You Start Cutting Corners In Life"